Doing the dirty work to bring you the goods!

Hello there fellow vintage lover!

I've been drawn to vintage for as long as I can remember. I still have the old black typewriter that I picked up with my grandmother thirty years ago. And then it was digging through the racks of vintage jeans at Time Warp in high school. Flash forward, I'm married with two children, one old cat, and the cutest weenie dog ever and looking for yet another creative outlet.

I love how vintage pieces have the ability to add so much depth and character to your home. Yes, our homes can be beautiful filled with lovely repro pieces from high end designers, boutiques shops, even Target, etc. But the original is so much better.

I spend my days searching high and low for all of the fun things that I love to sell. I just know what I like and throw it all together in an eclectic. modern kinda way without overthinking it. If it's a little funky, it's in my basket.

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